About me

Lily Grigorova was born in Bulgaria – a squat little country west of the Black Sea and north of Greece.

She grew up in a big Orthodox family that cherished tradition and togetherness above all else. Sitting around a food-laden table with twenty other people for hours on end is a skill she acquired early on.

Lily was fascinated by words and the magic they create since preschool. She wrote her first literary work when she was eight – it was a poem, an ode to a baby. Her first novel was handwritten and was a gift for her best childhood friend.

By the time she realized you could never make a career out of writing in a poor post-communist country like Bulgaria, it was already too late – the dream had put down roots. She wanted to be a novelist.

Acting grown-up and sensible, she graduated in international business, then threw in an MBA for good measure. For a few businesslike years, she worked at a PR agency and her family’s construction business. All the while, in the predawn hours of workdays and during hermit-like weekends, she worked on her first real novel.

Lily currently lives and writes in Düsseldorf with her husband and baby daughter.


Contact details:

Email: liligrg@yahoo.com

Twitter: @liligrg1